Day #12 “A Photo of Your Room”

“Take a photo of your room and don’t cheat by cleaning it.”

We used to have a queen-sized bed in our room and I took those photos with my “nice” camera, and now we have a king-sized bed, and I took a quick pic with my phone to show what it looks like (BTW, I’m thinking that I should start a foundation that makes sure every American can have the opportunity to sleep on a pillow-top king-sized bed because it is HEAVEN!).

I will say that the two cleanest places in my home at any given time are my bedroom and my kitchen…except when I have my babies. When I have my babies, my room is a mess. Right now I don’t have any babies, so here you go:

Gila Man’s side includes a dresser, side table, lamp, photo, and digital photo frame. Simple, no?

View from the closet (Gila Man’s side)

Notice in those photos that I have a sheet hanging on the inside of the window. This is because my husband is a total bum and sleeps in until at least 9 am every morning and the light from the window bothers him (And that was a little bit of a lie, at least the total bum part). On my side of the bed, there is a kitty-head lamp that used to belong to my cousin who was killed by a drunk driver when she was 16, so it’s totally a memento. Plus, it’s in my room because it scares my boys. The book I’m reading is “The Real George Washington”, I highly (very, VERY highly) recommend it!

View from the door (my side)

I finally, FINALLY have a piece of Claire’s art to hang in my home, I’m soooooo excited! It’s hard to have an artist in the family and not have one of their pieces hanging somewhere in the home, so when I saw this one, I LOVED it. It’s the New Testament story about Christ calming the seas with his disciples in the boat, scared for their lives. It reminds me to rely on Christ when I have my own stormy moments.

Claire’s Painting of “Peace Be Still”

Then there’s this part of my room:

Permanent Fixture In MY Room. Sheesh.

The dog who WILL NOT sleep on her huge, fluffy, squishy dog bed, but who will lay in my room aaaaaaaalllll day long. She looks a little peeved at me for disrupting her nap, doesn’t she?

The King Sized BEAST!

Lastly, here’s a grainy photo of the king bed that doesn’t have a headboard yet, but we’ll find one eventually.

That’s it! My room! Hope everyone has an awesome day as I’m having!!


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