Dear Husband

Dear Husband,

Do you know how busy I’ve been the past two days? What with getting up crazy early and getting to the big city for an optometry appointment that included a three hour wait AND a dilation, finding out that the top two spots we wanted to eat at were closed, visiting with family, getting lost in the big city, driving through pouring rain, coming to a stand-still on the interstate for an accident, getting to my parents late, rushing off to use the wi-fi at the local coffee shop for my online class that was cancelled, and trying to log Mr. B in for school that day?

And that was just yesterday.

Today was great, but also very, VERY busy. Boys up waaaaaay before 7am, tried to squeeze in school and breakfast, then a short trip to Apple Annie’s for a field trip at ONE in the afternoon (which means it was HOT, but still the best hands-on field trip EVER) followed by a loooooooong trip home with no naps.

So what’s the big idea of me being gone for two days and coming home to this perfectly cleaned, swept, vacuumed, dishes-put-a-way house?

No dog hair all over?

No dishes to put in the dishwasher?

No laundry all over the floor?

What the heck?

I swear.




Ahem….but I guess I’ll keep ya around.

Thanks babe. That was a perfect end to my busy day.


3 thoughts on “Dear Husband

  1. I was just going to e-mail to sign up for the Apple Annies field trip in Oct and was wondering if you guys would be going.

  2. I was just thinking about it and YES, we want to go. I was going to go with our local group, but if you’ll be there, I will totally sign up! We loved the Apple orchard tour, so we’ll go back for more.

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