Dear Baby,

Dear Baby Boy,
Oh, it would be GREAT if you were a baby boy! Then I would have three crazy boys and you’d be like three little amigos. Being born in March would be most beneficial because by the time Halloween rolled around you’d be 7 months old – plenty old enough to sport a sombrero and curvy little black mustache with your two big brothers, don’t you think? You should count yourself lucky that a woman’s pregnancy term is 9 months long. Last month I loved the name Allen Wirthlin, based on President Wirthlin’s talk “Come What May And Love It” (you can YouTube it when you’re older).
This month, though, I’m in love with the name Emmett, because it seems like such a strong, solid name, and I think your gonna need to be strong with two older brothers PLUS I know how incredibly strong you already are just for getting here and making a comfy place yourself in my body. I know you are a miracle.

Dear Baby Girl,
What? What the heck? That’s pretty much what I would say if it really were you. But I would be happy too, no doubt about it. And after a cute little family who have a baby girl sat behind us in church last week, Mr. B (who would love another brother)whispered in my ear that, “maybe we can have a baby girl after all Momma…if you put a cute bow like that in her hair”.
I love the name Felicity right now, because feliz means happy, and we’d be pretty stinkin happy if you were a girl (I mean, c’mon, we’d be SUPER excited if you were a girl), but I also like the idea of using a family name, like Virginia June after my dad’s mom. Like I said, it’s a good thing I’ve got a few more months to work all this out.

I sure could us your help in deciding names, as your Daddy had NO say-so in the matter this Time around. Maybe in another month or so, you could give me a nice swift kick if you DON’T like the name I’m contemplating at the moment, how does that sound?

That’s all for now, little peanut. We sure are blessed to have such a little miracle in our lives and naming you is the least of our worries right now! Stay comfy and know you are in our thoughts and prayers every day,


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