So we went to CYT’s production of Beauty and The Beast (which Mr. B thought he was going to HATE and told me he was going to watch “that dumb play thing” with his eyes closed the whole time) in the big city yesterday.

Turns out that kids singing and dancing and acting like clocks and monsters is something that both my boys LOVE, so it was totally worth the trip and missing school to go see.

But the whole drive up there, and while driving around town, AND after we headed home, I couldn’t get THIS commercial outa my mind:

Thanks, Allstate. Because turning on my blinker and checking all three mirrors wasn’t enough.

Now I have to turn a look…twice.


2 thoughts on “Driving

  1. You know, you would have been a lot less scared of the mayhem if you had just saved like a billion dollars and bought a go kart. I bet they don’t even have any blindspots.

  2. You know what, Ginger? You are SO right! I should have stuck with my Piagio scooter and just bought a side car when Oliver was born!!!

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