I am having a hard time with computers right now. My husband updated our Macs to Lion, and our laptop had a hard time running with it. I could explain the ups and downs we’ve experienced since we updated, but I’ll just say that my sweet little MacBook is out of commission. ARGH!

I dislike it when I come to rely on something and then it is snatched outa my grasp and I have to adapt to using something else, like, GASP, our dinosaur PC.

But then I realize that I’m kinda being a whiney brat and even though I can’t upload photos and all my recent ones (from the past 6 months or so) are perhaps lost forever, I have plenty to be thankful for and appreciative of.

Today in Language Arts we learned about thankful poems, tongue twisters, and anagrams, and since it’s the first day of November (The Thankful Month) I thought I’d share our thankful anagram poems with you with you:


T – that my kids are healthy

H – heaters in the winter

A – Apple Techs

N – naps

K – kids napping

S – Saturday family time

Mr. B’s:

T – Taylor my cousin

H – hugs

A – apples (we eat a LOT of apples)

N – Nana and Papa

K – kings and pharaohs (we’re learning about Egypt)

S – singing


T – tea

H – hats

A – animals

N – no naps

K – kisses (and then wiping them away)

S – snacks in nursery


And then I realize that there is LOTS more to be thankful for than there is to complain about!!





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