Eh, I hurt my back. And it wasn’t even from saving a baby from a run away horse or anything. It was just this baby boy sitting on my left sciatica (instead of my right, like the other two boys), so I started limping a little and my back got mad at me. Then on Thursday, I was super-cleaning-and-picking-up-and-re-arranging-vacuum-freak mom, and I felt a little twinge. Friday it was still bugging me, so Saturday I decided that I should sit and scrapbook AAALLLLL day to rest my back, and that’s what did it. Sitting in a soft chair with minimal support for a few hours will do that to a girl who is six months pregnant.

Well, now I just need to add blogging to the monumentally long list of things that I need to get done but can’t right now. Well, blogging WAS on that list, but i decided that i was  going to get out of bed and DO something today, no matter how trivial or dumb it may be to anyone else. I also decided that I would somehow figure out how to do SOME school with Mr. B., and that I would blog about my dumb hurt back.

It is INFURIATING to lay in bed and listen to everything going on around me. You know those scenes in movies where the main characters stand still and look around and the whole scene spins around them super fast and they just seem stuck?

That’s how I feel right now. I have groceries to buy, a Costco run to make, food to prepare, laundry to do, Christmas presents to make, and activities I have to drive my 7-year-old to.

Actually, it’s rather depressing. When I was recovering from my surgery, at least my body knew it needed to rest and I could sleep and I felt better, but this is my THIRD day of resting when my mind and the rest of my body wants to do all the things I need to get done! This just sitting and being in pain for no reason and not being able to get out of bed or sit down or cook is and listening to my boys be total monsters for their daddy is hard.

I know it could be worse, it could be a LOT worse.

But right now, a debilitating back injury is about more than I can handle.

End of pity party…on here anyway.



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