Boys and Critters

Remember that time I felt really guilty about my son losing his pet so I let him keep this one for awhile?

Those are good times, I say. Typical boy times too, I might add! Which is good, since we are now 100% sure that Baby On The Way is another BOY! Woo-hooo!

I was finally able to upload my photos onto my Mac, YAY!! So there will be more photos and blogging from this family. For some reason, I have a hard time blogging without photos, anybody else have a blogging crutch? ;o)


2 thoughts on “Boys and Critters

  1. Yeah my crutch is significant or entertaining things to write about (pictures are a must as well) and if I don’t have that I find it tough to blog. Needless to say there hasn’t been much blogging lately.

  2. YES! Why blog about the mundane, right? But when I look back on those mundane events, my heart always swells and I smile at the things that I might have forgotten if I hadn’t blogged about them, so I keep going….most of the time! ;o)

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