Saving The Best For Last

Since I’m mostly over the worst of the morning sickness, I thought I would dab a little bit of my FAVORITE perfume on my wrists before I headed out this afternoon. As I grabbed the bottle, though, I realized that it was gone, all of it was gone!!

Now I know that I’ve had this stuff for five freakin’ years a long time, but what the heck is up with the evaporation factor? I was NOT counting on that one, thankyouverymuch.

As I thought about it this afternoon, I realized that there are a few other aspects in my life where I tend to save something so when I do get to do it, I think I’ll really, REALLY enjoy it.

Like when I eat, I think, “I’m gonna save THAT bite of steak for last, and then it’ll be the best bite ever!” (but by then my steak is cold and it’s not quite as delicioso as I imagined it would be)

Or, “I love this shirt, but I’ll wait until next week to wear it, because I’m running to town and I’ll feel really cute in it.” (and then I put it on as I’m leaving and my belly sticks out from underneath it)

And perhaps on a more serious note, when I got my follow-up CT scan, and the female OBGYN called me in and told me that I would not be able to conceive any more children without medical intervention, I was thinking, “Wow. I better enjoy all of these teeny tiny moments I have with my Oli because I won’t have any more ever again.” (why didn’t I enjoy all those moments anyway? sheesh)

The past few weeks with my horribly hurt back have been so hard. Because it’s not like a cold, or a surgery, or the flu. A cold comes and it goes, a surgery is expected, and the flu, well, I always lose weight with the flu.

A hurt back renders a person completely incapable of doing normal things like putting on socks, getting into the shower, making a simple meal, vacuuming the house, or getting out of bed. I could literally do two things: stand up, or lie down. Have you tried typing on a lap top while laying down? It’s NOT easy. Even reading a book wore my arms out after only a few minutes. Sleeping was great, but then night would come and I would lay awake in the dark with a pillow between my legs, wanting to read or type but not having the capability.

I’ve been looking back on the couple weeks before I got hurt and saying, “Well, why didn’t I do that? Why didn’t I make that? Why didn’t I eat/enjoy/laugh at that?”

I could have had it so much worse, so it might seem silly to gain knowledge from an injury like this (but you know, that’s why we’re here, to learn. HOW we learn depends on the individual), but now that I’m on the mend, I have adopted a rather different attitude about things:

I’m gonna do it.

I am going to bake those cookies and share them and eat them and dunk them in milk.

I am going to watch that show with my kiddos and laugh until that milk comes out of my nose.

I am gonna wear that/those shirt/shoes/pants/necklace/perfume.

I am going to enjoy changing that diaper, because it’s part of being a mom and I’m going to enjoy all the moments there are for as long (or as fleeting) as they are present (seriously, I don’t mind changing diapers).

I’m gonna go for a walk.

I’m gonna read that book to my kiddos.

I’m gonna let some things go.

I’m gonna enjoy and soak up and love and absorb every little Lamb Fam moment, and I’m gonna love it or get over it.

And so today I learned,

Life is tooooo short to run out of perfume, my friends.


Oh, yes. I WILL eat this. I asked Santa for it!



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