Oh, my 7-ear-old has been pushing buttons lately.

Ever since I hurt my back, this kid has been quite the monster negotiator, and it has just about led to the last of my fine threads of hair being ripped out by their roots. Argh.

I was pretty sure he was following Buddy The Elf’s dietary regimen behind my back:

So the other night, after a LONG day of trying to be a decent, patient mom, I sat him down at the table and started talking to him.

I asked him why he was so wound up, why did he do things that he shouldn’t and WHY was he acting so flippin’ CRAZY (alright, alright, those were NOT my exact words, I was WAY nicer about it. Oh, and not sarcastic either, which is a big deal for me).

“Well,” he replied, “I think I miss you a little bit.”

I was shocked…that was NOT the answer I was expecting.

“What do you mean?” I said, “I’m right here.”

“I think….I think I’m a little bit tired of hanging out with Daddy since you hurt your back and I miss you a little bit.”

All I could think at first was, “AWESOME!” because this young man was so desperate to hang out with his Daddy that we actually re-arranged his school schedule to coincide with whatever shift Gila Man is working, and to have him actually say out loud that he was missing ME was so, so sweet!

He continued;

“And Momma, Christmas is coming and I am SUPER excited. Like sometimes, I think about Christmas and I want to jump up and down and SCREAM, you know, like Buddy the Elf did because I am so, SO excited that Christmas is almost here.”

I smiled, then he said,

“I just want to wiggle a LOT on the inside so maybe I act crazy on the outside. I just…I just can’t help it!”

You know, as a parent to this very intense, very busy, and very spirited child, I sometimes forget that he is just that; a little child, who has so much to learn and so many talents and habits to master.

This poor little guy had all this going on inside his body, and I was NOT focusing on what his needs and wants were.


Mr. B, Oli and I got dressed up with hats and gloves (it HAS been cold here…like 30 degrees at night!! Feels like we live  in the Arctic!) and went for a walk and kept talking and playing and running and laughing until we got some wiggles out. Then we came home and the boys jumped in a warm bath while I made some peppermint tea, and I played this song for them.

I thought that maybe if we focused on what we already had, we could shift his our thinking back to what Christmas was really about and therefore alleviate some of that “stir-craziness” we’ve been experiencing these past 3 weeks.

So far, it’s been working, for him AND for me, and I wonder if our needs were so very different.


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