Why Wednesdays Are Crazy

I thought about doing that “Wordless Wednesday” theme, but it just doesn’t work for me. I can’t NOT share what I’m feeling when I post, even if the photos do my feelings justice.

So Wednesdays are the crazy day in our family. I have my online class until late on Tuesday nights, so the boys are in bed by 6:30 (I KNOW, I know it’s early, but I have to get set up, log in, check my microphone, and say hi to everyone before class starts at 7, so it’s a necessity), which makes Wednesday mornings start up a little earlier. I naturally pop out of bed to prevent the kids from waking Gila Man, get breakfast, and head out the door by 8:00.

Lately, we’ve been bringing Oli to a friends house for play dates on Wednesday mornings, which is SUPER awesome because it was 30 degrees when we left this morning, and I didn’t have to bundle the little guy up.

After dropping the little one off, Mr. B and I head up to A Bigger City Than Which We Live for P.E. at 9:15.

It’s loads of fun and has a great group of home-schooled kids of all ages who play soccer, capture the flag, sharks and minnows, blob tag, and relay races until around 10:45 (today it was 11:00). Then we run to the local Papa Murphy’s to grab a pizza deliciosa and run to pick up Oli.

After pickup we run (but don’t speed…much) home to get that round yumminess in the oven and pack dinner for Gila Man before he has to head out the door for work.

We enjoy lunch and clean up, then say goodbye to Daddy, put the little one down for a nap, then Mr. B and I start school and various art projects for the afternoon during that sweet, quiet time.

The little one (c’mon, I can only call him “my little one” for a few more months!) wakes up, we finish school, have a small snack  & I finish folding laundry before the neighbor kids start stopping by around 5pm to play. This is perfect, because while they play, I get dinner made and on the table so we can eat and get out of the house by 6 to go to Awana.

Oh, and what do we enjoy at Awana? I thought you’d never ask! Some of the nights had a theme and my my kids enjoyed “Crazy Hair Night” and “Dress As A Bible Character” night, among others. On bible character night, Mr. B was Noah from Noah and the Ark, complete with two stuffed monkeys, a painted white beard, a staff (which was quickly confiscated) and one of his children.

I mean, how can you NOT love stuff like this?

However, it IS rather late by the time we get home and since the kids are up earlier on Wednesdays, crashing at 9pm is tough.

And if you ask me to do anything on Wednesdays, anything at all, I’m sorry to say that the answer will be “no”. But feel free to schedule some fun activities on any other day with my secretary!


2 thoughts on “Why Wednesdays Are Crazy

  1. I used to go to AWANA as a kid when we lived in Iowa. The only thing I remember about it is that we rode on a bus to an all-day bowling tournament with other AWANA groups one day and the pastor’s wife (we were Lutheran at the time) made us all lunches with little blue drinks in them. Your Wednesdays sound like a happy kind of busy! You are such a great mom.

  2. You know, I usually tell people that Awana is like Scouts, but for little kids. It’s a great program and it’s totally worth it to travel and have these crazy days for all the learning about our Savior (and sharing AND waiting his turn AND respecting others) that he gets out of it!

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