Dear October

Dear October,

I didn’t really mean to ignore you. I LOVE you! You in all your fall crispness and beautiful orange and brown colors and cool evenings and family activity time…sigh. You are just great.

But I WAS a little bit busy. And we had computer problems. Then I was so pukey and sick from this little Bean growing inside me that I just didn’t have it in me to blog or share photos.

Since we upgraded to Lion I have found that it’s SUPER easy to upload photos, though our internet is so slow I don’t even know where to begin to upload them all.

How about a quick overview? Would that help? It would? Great. Here’s a swift look at the month before all the craziness begins:

We made sure to take a trip to Apple Annie’s for pumpkin (and Sunflower) picking! It is so fun and TOTALLY worth the trip!

Getting cozy with the pumpkins
Proof of the Pickin'
Official Cart Pusher
It's a team effort!
The Perfect Pick
Out in the field
Choosing a sunflower amid all the BEES!!
Corn Maze Fun!
Corn Sand Box!


Fun times for all, though Oli broke down no less than 3 times because we had to get off of the tractor-trailer that hauled us out to the field. I think he wishes that he was born on a farm!

After that, we had to get ready for my Mr. Bentley’s 7th, yes, I said SEVENTH, birthday. Where did the time go? Who is this gargantuan boy who has grown 4 inches this year and talks constantly about atoms and matter?

Callie made an AMAZING (not joking, it was a masterpiece) cake for our special day. It was the most delicious chocolate/banana cake with a “candy-land” theme on top! This cake totally made my month!

Playing with Aunt Dee Dee
So amazing, I didn't want to cut it!
I think he liked it!
Who wears it best? (most hilarious purse swap EVER!)

To wrap up the lovely month of October, we did end up dressing up this year. I have such mixed feelings about Halloween…here’s where I stand:

It is what you make it. If you make is spooky and all about the devil, well then….that’s what it is.

If you make it a fun holiday surrounded by family and friends and good times, then it, to, is what it is.

That being said, we generally dress up if there is some sort of carnival or party at one of the local churches, but I just CAN’T bring myself to send my kids out the door begging house to house for candy. I think it’s bad manners (something my husband and I totally disagree on). HA!

Mr. B was an astronaut this year and he LOVED being so comfy in his suit, while Oli was a turtle, which was cute while he walked, but gross when he tried to crawl around on the ground.

Astronauts are the best heros EVER!
Turtles are number ONE!
Kids on parade!

After that, it was us gearing up for the Thanksgiving and Christmas time craziness. But don’t think that just because you went by so fast and because I didn’t blog about you that I don’t love you, October. I do, see! So much that I’m willing to tick December off by stealing some of it’s glory!



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