New Year, New Goals

Yep, it’s already the 11 of January, 2012! Has anyone else noticed that the past few years have ended with a sort of theme? Like 2009 was a bad year for everyone, 2010 came and went waaaaaay too fast, and 2011 was just…well, there.

I totally feel a hopefulness and light-hearted nature when I talk to folks about 2011, and that makes me HAPPY!

So to add to our own year full of hope, and taking a tip from Money Saving Mom, we got together as a family and started talking about what we wanted to get done this year and I think that we’ve come up with some great (and yet oh-so-attainable) goals. You might notice that they are mostly religious goals (sorry to some of you who are reading this who will be bored/offended by this) but I realized that as a family unit, we were missing a few keys that I know help families stay happy and strong in a world so BENT on ripping them apart.


Family – Have Family Home Evening every week, and start potty training Oli (2 1/2).

Personal – Go for a walk every day, even a short one.


Family – Pay tithing on every earning and make tithing jars to help the boys with this principle.

Personal – Make tithing jars for boys get ready for this baby.


Family – Take care of the new baby. That’s ALL we are gonna focus on this month. Oh, and Mr. B added that he is going to be especially nice to his brother, which will be nice.

Personal – Take a shower every day and take care of the baby.


Family – Watch General Conference either at home or with family (traveling with the new guy might not be so fun).

Personal – Continue to try to take a shower every day and take care of the baby.


Family – Focus on General Conference talks during our Family Home Evenings. Bless the baby.

Personal – Go for a walk every day, take a shower every day, and get over having this baby already!


Family – Have family prayers (with Daddy) every day.

Personal – Read my scriptures every day and start jogging.


Family  – Read scriptures every day together, even for 5 minutes.

Personal – Go for walks (jogs) every day, watch caloric intake.


Family – Nice attitudes….KINDESS to our family and to others.

Personal – Same as above, but start more excercise.


Family – Attitude of Gratitude, write in thankful journals once a week.

Personal – Same as above.


Family – Watch General Conference, prepare for Mr. B’s baptism. What the heck? My son is going to be baptized already? Whoah, I’m gonna need a minute.

Personal – Get a grip on yourself and help your kiddo prepare to be baptized!


Family – Prepare for Christmas and focus Family Home Evenings on General Conference.

Personal – Start making Christmas gifts so there won’t be any late night cramming this year!


Family – Look back on another amazing year, and focus on the true, sweet meaning of Christmas.

Personal – Ditto.

See, I/we have a WHOLE MONTH to work toward our goal and see it through. Very attainable, AND if we do all these things, we’ll be happier AND healthier, yay! What are some of YOUR goals for 2012?

You should totally make some, it’s gonna be a great year!



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