Shall I?

Shall I…

Wake up feeling achy and groggy from a sleepless night due to heartburn and pee breaks?

Leave late for church because Oli refused to go #2 in the potty AGAIN?

Get pulled over for speeding because I am late for church?

Try really hard not to cry about being pulled over?

Realize that because I grabbed my primary bag and my scriptures that I forgot my purse and DON’T have my drivers license with me?

Pull out an expired insurance card to show Mr. Officer?

Try to get my boys to be friendly enough to talk Mr. Officer out of giving us a gazillion-dollar ticket (or taking me to jail for not having a license)?

Explain to the boys WHY cops have such bright lights (as Mr. Officer writes and writes and writes)?

Cry like a little girl Shed a few tears when I’m handed a warning for no license and a “waste of a finite resource” ticket (only $35 dollars and no points for your license)?

Why, yes. Yes I think I shall.

How was YOUR Sunday?







5 thoughts on “Shall I?

  1. Aww, Sarah. It’s okay, girl. Shed some tears. Although it’s a cliche, you do have the right to be emotional!! And if it makes you feel better, I was pulled for speeding (no real reason, I just tend to drive too fast) in my eighth month with Truitt when I was on my way to a student’s house. It was a curvy, rolling country road, one of those that just begs for ten over in my humble opinion, besides which–I had to PEE, and you really can’t “hover” when you’re in the third trimester, so I was not stopping at a gas station. Furthermore, a cop just should NOT have been sitting there. He should have been on in downtown Lynchburg, looking for drug dealers or people who were committing real crimes. I was just pregnant and uncomfortable enough to tell him that. ALL of that. Then I busted into tears. Needless to say, he did not give me a ticket. I think that’s the only time I have ever been pulled that I did not get a ticket.

  2. Lori!! That’s a HILARIOUS story! Thanks so much for making me laugh AND for helping me to feel a leetle less silly about crying my eyes out in front of that cop. 🙂

  3. Getting pulled over by a cop is the equivalent of a mom pulling their kid out of a group of friends at a play group to reprimand them for something – and don’t they almost always cry when that happens? So, yeah, you’re justified.

    So my Sunday, at home sick with both my kids also sick, might have been a nice trade off for you, huh? 🙂

  4. Ugh, Kelly! I’ve had those Sundays! It’s nice of you to keep your sick kids home so they don’t spread the “germ love”, but I know it’s so, so, so hard to be sick when your kids are sick.

    Hope you and your cute girls feel better soooon! 🙂

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