For 2012, WordPress set up an automatic daily email with all sorts of great writing prompts.

Sadly, I don’t read them often and they are deleted quickly. Though I need the prompts, I feel some pressure if I get them every day.

But yesterday’s prompt was “peace”, followed by, “What gives you peace”?, showing a lovely photo of the ocean.

Now there are plenty of ways that I find peace, mostly because I have a strong belief in a Supreme Being and can find comfort in the scriptures, the words of the prophets, and prayer.

But today, filled with 3-hour glucose tests and missed appointments and sheer exhaustion (and I don’t even have a newborn yet. sheesh!), I did NOT know how on earth I could blog about peace.

And then, when I went to tuck in my boys, I found it…

Looks like they had a busy day too!


5 thoughts on “Peace

  1. Jenn – yep! He climbed right up in there and they both fell asleep!
    Gerb – I love my busy boys to death, but some days, bedtime is the awesome-est part of the day!

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