I was in the kitchen when making lunch when I over heard my boys playing with cars and building blocks in the living room. The conversation went something like this:

“Watch out, Oli! I’m going pretty fast. Get out of the road!”

“Weeee-ooooo, weeee-oooo! I powice man, you get-a ticket.”

“A ticket?” (begin whiny voice) “But I’m pregnant! Don’t give me a ticket!”

“You go-a to fass. You det a ticket.”

“Okay.” (sniff, sniff)

“Here you-a go. You det-a nice ticket. No det a bad ticket”

(in a crying voice with sniffles and sobs) “Oh,thank you, THANK YOU, booo hooo hooooooo!”

Did I mention that one of the boys playing in the living room was my husband? Seriously, an emotional pregnant woman can’t catch a break around here in this house full of boys.


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