Because One Party is NEVER Enough!

Having a baby shower in The Big City turned out to be hard for my friends Out Here to attend, so my neighbor and “Mormon” friend threw me a great shower down here!!!

This woman and her mom always throw the best parties, and this one was NO exception.

When asked, “What’s up with all the monkeys??”

All I could say was that I was giving birth to my third boy, so my home was about to become a monkey house!!!

Here’s a peek at this fiesta fabulosa:

This guy greeted us at the door!


Here's our lovely hostess, raffling off the monkeys.


The view before the guests arrived. Seriously, this woman has a GIFT for decorating!

I failed to get a photo of the food. There were plenty of beans, meat, and buns, PLUS Callie’s FAMOUS baked goods. She brought fresh (like just out of the oven fresh) cinnamon rolls and the cutest little cupcakes all decorated up with homemade frosting in brown and blue. I have to say that I like that stuff a little, even if I’m not supposed to have chocolate.

Because one can NEVER have toooo many diapers! (also, I am glad that there was only ONE bow on all those packages or I might have looked silly)


Camo for him to blend in...maybe his brothers won't bug him as much if they can't see him!


This is an AMAZING gift!!!!!


I got LOTS more diapers and wipes, which we obviously needed, plus I got some super cute outfits, picture frames, and toys.

But by far the most amazing baby gift I have ever received is this scrapbook FILLED with pre-scrapped pages that I only have to put the photos in! My fantastic scrapping friends started at birth with a sweet quote about little mouths and feet, and scrapped complete pages throughout the whole year, month by month! I might have cried a little when I opened it, and I also might have (just maybe) toted it around with me for the next few days to show everyone I ran into how great this little guys baby book is going to be.

It was such a great night filled with friends and food and fun, I just don’t know what I did to get so dang lucky with all the love I felt from all my friends that night!!


2 thoughts on “Because One Party is NEVER Enough!

  1. Is this why you were asking me what I was doing the other day? Or were you in town? Next time, text or call, girl!! I have terrible internet connection out here and some days I’m not able to get on.

  2. I had a Dr.’s appointment in Tucson on Monday, but it turned out to be a SUPER quick trip, so I didn’t have time to do lunch. Next time I will (though at this point, there may not BE a next time!).

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