He’s HERE!!!

Yes, I know.

He was here like, 5 days ago.

Oh well. It’s been a rough coupla days, so I’ll just post some photos and work on the birth story.

It’s a rather long one, though thoroughly awesome in it’s length and totally worth the wait.

I will say that our baby boy was born at 2:20 am on LEAP DAY (how amazing is that?!?!?) weighing in at 9 pounds, 7.5 ounces and 21 inches long.

Yeah, he’s a big ‘un.

Little known fact: babies born on Leap Day are called “Leaplings”. Though with a third monkey boy in the house, I like to call him my “Leaping Lemur”. Ha!

And he has a broken arm (so so so sad, i know), details will be forthcoming.

Here are the photos of our NOT bald baby boy #3:


6 thoughts on “He’s HERE!!!

  1. Love this little Lambson family SO much. Can’t wait to meet baby Emmett, one day! (named after me, right?! ha!) Ps. Sarah way to rock a Sara B. shirt in your photo– so hip, so cool.

  2. congrats, congrats!!! So exciting. So sorry about his little arm–that’s terrible! I cannot wait to read his birth story.

  3. Holy mackerel, it’s true. That baby is indeed an armful, as readily demonstrated by your parents, your kids and ‘Man. Glad to read your heartburn is gone for the moment and I hope you’re able to enjoy the craziness that is bound to ensue as your great family adjusts to make room for Emmett. Celeste and I send a congratulatory hug to all through the aether!

  4. Wow-he does have a head of hair! So darling. How DO you take care of a newborn with a broken arm?

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