Where I have been, and Sacral dimples (I promise there’s a correlation)

I already wrote this post once. And the new WordPress didn’t auto-save it and it’s gone now.


I think it went something like this:

I have been outa the loop.

I had a baby.

And while I recovered quickly and am doing well, I have learned that with three children, (ahem, three BOYS), I have to make some choices.

Like choosing to have cereal for dinner instead of pancakes. What? Daddy was at work, why not?

Or choosing to sniff a shirt to see if it’s really dirty rather than just throwing a worn shirt into the hamper at the end of the day.

And choosing to sleep (something I need, need, NEED) instead of choosing to blog (which I love, love, LOVE).

But every evening, and by every I mean every single evening, I lay in bed and write a little blog in my head about my day or my kiddos or my life. It’s usually funny or witty or has some spiritual meaning to it. Then I drift off to sleep and drool on my pillow until my Little Man wakes me up in two hours to get fed…again.

The newest news actually concerns that Little Man, my Baby Boy who seems to have a hoop or two left to jump through before he gets the all-clear to go on with his little life.

Our pediatrician noticed that Baby Boy (BB) had a sacral dimple on his back when we went for our 2 week appointment. He said “spina bifida” and ordered an ultrasound. BB’s spine was fine, but it the doctors noted that it looked like he had a tethered spine and since the ultrasound was only the first step in the diagnostic process, we need to follow-up with further testing.

Which means my Little Man has to have an MRI. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t bother me. But how does and infant stay still enough to get a good read-out on an MRI? They must be sedated.

THAT’S what freaks me out.

It worries me in an, “My-6-week-old-will-have-to-have-an-iv-to-be -sedated-and-will-be-in-pain-so-he-might-not-eat-so-he-could-get-dehydrated-so-he’ll-have-to-keep-the-iv-in-forever-and-NEVER-come-home” kind of way.

So if his spine is tethered, he will have to have a minor surgery to correct it before he gets older and any pressure is put on his spine.  If it isn’t tethered, it’s simply something we’ll have to monitor as he grows and hopefully he will simply outgrow it.

I am optimistic and know that he will be in the best hands and I’m sure everything will turn out fine, but I can’t help but be worried for my precious little guy.

But, what is a post without a photo or two to share, right?

What Mr. B does with ALL his free time!
What Mr. B does with ALL his free time!


Ollie's "Cute" Face
Ollie's "Cute" Face


I can't NOT post a bath photo!
I can't NOT post a bath photo!

5 thoughts on “Where I have been, and Sacral dimples (I promise there’s a correlation)

  1. We will be praying for you and this little precious guy! When is the MRI taking place?

  2. I will totally keep you guys in our prayers. And I love that you kept his bath photo “modest”. 🙂 Keep us posted and we will make sure you are in our prayers:)

  3. The MRI will be in Tucson on the 16th. He can’t have ANYTHING to eat or drink 4 hours prior to the appointment and it’s stressing me out a little…Thanks for your prayers and happy thoughts!!

  4. Good luck with the MRI, and for the record, I sniff my shirts too, so you’re in excellent company .

  5. I don’t know if you’ll see this as the post is from long ago. But I am thankful for seeing this post. My son has a sacral dimple, and he is 20 months old now. We live in Israel, and when he was born they told us about it at the hospital. This explanation of spina bifida was lost in translation and we never got the ultrasound they suggested. I am taking him to the pediatrician tomorrow to find out how to get this testing done.

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