The Non-Fireworks Show


Did anyone else go out to your local area, buy pizza (and a dairy-free salad for me), drive to the perfect spot, park, let your kids play in the mud puddles ’till it got to dark to see, get attacked by fire ants (i was wearing flip-flops) while watching the kids play in the puddles, then sit in the back of your SUV fighting off the bugs until the dome light went off automatically, tell your anxious 7-year-old and super ultra excited 3-year-old “just one more minute, just one more minute”, change a blow-out diaper from your four-month-old, get poop on you from said blow out (but don’t care because it’s dark!), get cramped and tired from sitting in the back of the SUV but couldn’t stand up because of the ants, and wait another hour and a half (until NINE THIRTY) for a fireworks show that didn’t even start?

ONLY to find out today that they DID start, but not until after 10pm? (you know, after we drove home and got into bed all sad that we missed them)

Oh, that was only me?

Huh. Just checkin’.

Good thing the sunrise breakfast and flag raising was fun, and that the parade in Patagonia was GREAT with PERFECT weather.

Otherwise, I might be a little bit bitter.

But of course, I’m not.




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