The Right Answers

Wanna know something awesome about home schooling? The lack of concrete right or wrong answers.

I know, I know, you might be all like, “But what if he goes back to school and HAS to give the exact, right, correct answer?”

Well, I suppose we’ll deal with that when we get there.

As of right now, I’ll enjoy grading math tests with answers like these:

1. There were 6 swans swimming on the lake, then one more swan came and swam with them. How many swans were there all together?

Answer: 7

Why? Becuz swans like swimming mor than walking.

2. There were 2 skunks in the woods, and 2 more on the bridge. How many were there all together?

Answer: 4

Why? Becuz the other 2 skunks thot that the bridge was to scary.

3. Freddie the frog ate 2 flies in the morning. Then he ate 3 more flies in the afternoon. How many flies did he eat all together?

Answer: 5

Why? Becuz he was hungry and that’s what frogs eat!

(these are story problems. he had to read them and answer the equation, then tell why he got that answer. he was a little confused about why the lines were so short for his written answer, and that’s when I explained that what they were looking for was more like HOW he got that answer. like, “because 6 plus 1 equals 7” kind of thing)

Ha! We’ve been having a lot of fun working out the “correct” answers without squishing this creative side of learning, and that’s where the learning for ME comes in (which is seriously my FAVORITE part!)


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