In Which I Am A Sucker For Another Critter…

It all started with a date.

My Mr. B was feeling a little bit neglected, what with the new baby taking up a bazillion hours a day (and night) and a little brother who just wouldn’t stay out of his stuff.

Now Mr. B had been helping a lot around the house, like A LOT a lot. He was toting diapers, getting cereal, helping with bedtime, and scores of other things that just made my life a little easier. And when you have a newborn AND three two other boys at home, every little bit helps.

So I fed, burped, and changed the baby, grabbed my purse, left the third boy husband at home with the two little boys and headed out the door with my 7-year-old man in tow.

“Where do you want to go?” I asked

“Um….I don’t know where we should go first, but I would like to end by getting some ice cream at Dairy Queen.” he replied.

“Ok. Wellll, I need to go to the feed store for a few things, would you like to start there?” I asked.

“YES! Let’s start there!” he exclaimed.

We started at the feed store, ran a few more errands, and (of course) ended with ice cream.


Ball of Fluff!


Two boys and a ball of fluff


Um, shoulder pet? Not quite yet.


Free Rangin’ It


When we finally made it back home all I could say to my husband when we walked in the door was, “You are VERY lucky that we didn’t come home with a rabbit!”

You all can see the logic behind that statement, right? Lucky for us (and that cute little chick down there) that we have a coop for the little thing to sleep in. I think that’s the only reason my husband didn’t kick ME outa the house!!

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