Because It’s So Rare

I know, I know. 

Snow Gear!

Everyone gets snow.


Everyone has seen snow. 


But let me tell ya, 


Snow around these parts?

Not Impressed

Snow that actually sticks to the ground for a minute or two?

Snow Angels!

That’s a rare day indeed!

Finished Product

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3 thoughts on “Because It’s So Rare

  1. That is too funny. We don’t even count that as a “REAL” snow around here:) ya know…up in the artic;)

  2. Gerb – I LOVE those jammies, they are soooo soft!
    Sarah #2 – It was TOOOOO real. It was cold and it melted and it tasted like snow. It only lasted, like, 30 minutes, but that’s impressive for the surface of the sun!

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