Who Needs Hair!

Bald Boys


Compared to my last post, this seems like the polar opposite (get it? POLAR? because my last post was about snow, and snow is cold, like in the POLAR regions? ha!) Anyway, I’ve been gone and busy and debating on whether or not to change my blog to private because of nosey nosers who have nothing to do with me in real life but stalk me on my blog. Oh well. I’m ignoring them and focusing on my family. Like the ones that really, really care about me. 🙂

That means we have FHE on a semi-kind-of-regular schedule.

This week the boys needed haircuts, so we did it. We caved and gave them their SUMMER CUTS!!! (i wanted to leave them all looking like old men for a week or so, but…..i’m not that brave).

But it was fun and the boys LOVED it (they got to cut their own hair!) and we decided that Brock needed to see that hair is totally over-rated! I mean, real men (or totally awesome boys who’s bodies are working so hard to fight cancer that it forgets to grow hair), don’t need hair! They are still awesome!

And hair does this amazing thing…..it.grows.back! (eventually)

So Brock, you are in our prayers! We are right there with ya, buddy and we wan ya to know it (and allllllll the family too, fyi)!

(I’ll let you know if hair grows back in time for the wedding we are going to on the first week of August, so we can fill in a little time line or something!)



2 thoughts on “Who Needs Hair!

  1. I’m Brock’s gramma. I do not know you or your family. But you all are amazing. Your boys look just as stinkin’ adorable without hair as my Brockee does. Thank you SO much for your prayers. I know they are being heard and answered.

  2. Donna!!! I don’t know you either, but when I look at my sweet 4-year-old, I can’t imagine losing him, so I don’t know how to help another Momma out except by supporting and praying for her and the whole family.
    That’s what helped ME get through tough times when we thought for sure that I had cancer and might not make it, so we are most glad to help!!!

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