THAT Kind of Day

Making a full pot of (the most delicious) ham and potato soup, putting it in a gallon ziplock on the counter, only to have it be pulled off by the baby and eaten by the dogs,

Going upstairs to find that while I was cleaning up the soup, the baby emptied most of my toothpaste onto my toothbrush in the sink while rubbing my deodorant on the walls,

Finding a FLOOD on the kitchen floor from the “accidental” positioning of the cup under the water dispenser,

Seeing the two youngest boys crunching up carrots with needle-nosed pliers on the carpet that I just vacuumed,

Burns on my arm from the spaghetti sauce i tried to cook in time for my husband to make it to the carpool,

Bikes, trikes and scooters in the house,

No nap for the baby,

Only ONE Dr. Pepper today,

Was ALLLLLLL made good by the super-awesome-and-totally-amazing book finds tonight at the thrift store.

Where I went.
In my pajamas.
And monkey slippers.
With my two youngest boys.
Also in their jammies.
(killing time during boy scouts)
Because it was THAT kind of day.

And as I curl up with one of my TREASURES, I’ll call it a good one.


One thought on “THAT Kind of Day

  1. The quote you have below where you fill out the comment form is a perfect thing to remember on days like these! I’m so sorry you had a rough day. I had one of those days a couple of days ago. 😦

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