The End

I’ve been trying to blog, I really truly have been trying.

But every time I get on here to write, something feels wrong, and I finally understand why.

I have learned through my happy times and my trials that nothing lasts forever.

If it’s a great moment in your life, grab it and hold it and embrace it and OWN that moment, because it WILL end.

And if it’s a horrible low spot in your life, hope and pray and endure and KNOW that that dark spot will be dispersed by light.

So…nothing lasts forever.

Including my life.

Not that my life is ENDING or anything. But the life that I was living is gone. The future that I had all planned out ahead of me has been irrevocably changed.

I was painting a bookcase for my mom’s shop today, and I figured that the bottom coat didn’t matter much, so I just slopped the paint on in a hurry and figured that I would take the time to make the top coat look nice. Well, it doesn’t exactly work that way.

I couldn’t hide the lazy streaks, the dollops of drops, the runs, or the quick strokes. It was plain as day. I didn’t think my silly laziness would show or affect anything else on that piece of furniture, but it did.

Just like in the year 2016 you can’t have a wife AND a girlfriend….the bad choices always show through.


So this is The End.

The End of the Lamb Fam blog, because it’s the end of the Lamb Fam as I know it.

Not that my life is over….but I have to start a new book in the series That Is My Life.

I think the next book will simply be called “Book Three”.

I loved this book, it was a good one and a silly one and a hard one and a learning one and a fun one. But even the bestest books in the whole universe have an end, and so must this one.

So goodbye Lamb Fam.

Thanks for the memories and stories and photos and life.

And here’s to rocking the sequel.




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