This is going to be an interesting page. When I started posting individual pages up top, I thought I could blog on each page like I do on the main page, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. What I’ve been doing is simply adding to the page as it stands, instead of adding individual blogs that have dates and titles and all that. This one is going to be a long-winded version the story of the conversion to the religion that literally saved my life.

I don’t have any prejudices against any other religions. In fact, I have frequented many of them in my life and they have helped me find my way to what I know I needed in this life. So here’s the start of a story. Be patient, I have a lot to muddle through before I go posting thing on here all willy-nilly. Some things are too personal to post, some are too embarrassing, some to humiliating, and then there are those that some would be upset if I shared them…hmmm, we’ll see if that stops me.

I can already see that two types of people will be most interested in this post; those who are LDS (Mormon) and want to see what I’m whining about, and those who are not Mormon and want to see what I’m whining about. : )

There was a time, about 10 years ago, when things were hard (but in a fun, i’m-gonna-do-what-i-want-when-i-want-to kind of way). I was dating a guy I loved deeply but couldn’t trust, I was drinking (a LOT), I smoked, I was going to school full time, and I was working the graveyard at a hotel while doing my homework at night. I was really happy, but still struggling.

I loved my job.

I loved school.

I had a lot of friends.

I had a LOT of fun.


Something was missing.

Sometimes, I would wake up in the morning and wonder WHY I did what I did. Why did I go to school/work/the bar/that party?

And why, after all the fun I had with all the friends I loved so much, did I wake up in the morning feeling so….empty?

Did I have a job?


Was I obtaining a degree in something I enjoyed?

It was my second choice, but sure. Check.

Was I in love?


Did I have fun?

Yep. Um…Double Check. Wait. Freakin’ quadruple check.

So what on Earth could I have been missing?

Then I figured that maybe what I was missing wasn’t here on Earth, and that got me thinkin’.

Since I kind of grew up going to lots of different churches wherever we lived, I opened up a phone book and looked up “church” in the white pages. The only listing there was for “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints“, and since I was pretty sure they were “Mormons”, I quickly decided to look in the yellow pages, which didn’t yield much better. After that, I started looking up individual churches by names, like “Baptist”, “Catholic”, “Prodestant”, etc., and found a few places that I could fit in with my work schedule.


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