Gila Man (The lying/cheating Husband)

Ah, The Husband. The man who works 5 10-hour days for us and usually does it without complaint (we have recently discovered that paperwork is his arch nemesis, so I’ll let those complaints slide).

Watching The Peacocks Fly

This man is a GADGET GEEK. He does NOT like reading, unless it is a manual that further his knowledge of any particular gadget he recently acquired. He enjoys everything, yes, EVERYTHING that I cook, which is awesome. Well, everything unless it’s super healthy or vegetarian. But what’s a guy raised on meat and potatoes to do? He loves motorcycles but doesn’t own one anymore, which has turned out to be a good thing (even though I miss it just as much as he does, I swear!).

Daddy with Oli-Bueno

He loves his family and our home. It’s his favorite place on Earth, and I think that’s really sweet. He is very, very, very tolerant of my desires to fill our home and property with all manner of animals, though we have been slowly whittling it down to 3 dogs, which is amazing for us.

The Boys

Oh, and he has an affinity, and natural talent, for languages. He can speak Portuguese and Spanish fluently, and English a little so-so (which is totally a joke). He can understand most of the “Love” languages like French and Italian and it’s really annoying for him to understand what’s being said even before I’m done reading the subtitles.

That’s all for now. Just thought I’d share that with you so you know who I’m talking about when I say “Gila Man”. : )



2 thoughts on “Gila Man (The lying/cheating Husband)

  1. A hat tip to the fellow who can tell you just about everything there is to know about athletic shoes, and do it in three languages. Sure was nice having you guys around our neck of the woods!

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