More About Me!

A Few Years Ago
A Few Years Ago

Hello! I am a 32 year old wife to a busy man, Momma to two busy boys, and caretaker of our little zoo!! I was born and raised in Southern Arizona and have lived close to the border of Mexico my whole life. Sadly, this has not improved my Spanish speaking skills though life on the border has been quite interesting. I am a lover of music, an admirer of books, respecter of honest people, hater of cruel people, and tolerater of bad days (it is too a word). I have owned critters all my life and I always seem to be surrounded by them, it’s just part of who I am.

I was tagged with one of those “Tell Us 100 Things About You” games, so rather than make a lame, huge blog about it, I’ll just make a lame, huge page about it. More about my Hubby and Kids (and a decent pic) to follow.

1. I love scary movies. Really! Any scary movie that isn’t rated “R” I will watch.

2. I can’t stand to blow my nose. I will sniff and sniff and sniff until I can’t sniff anymore. Only then will I force myself to get a tissue and blow my nose. Something about the snot and the blowing and the snot. Just. Gross.

3. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant with baby number 2 for about 22 months (update: we got pregnant with baby #2…Baby O, 8 pounds, 21 inches long, yay!).

4. I have two toothbrushes and I can’t use the same one twice. I.E. If I used the blue one at night, I have to use the green one in the morning, then blue, then green.  Needless to say, we buy our toothbrushes at Costco.

5. Ahem, I also alternate the toothpaste from a.m. to p.m. Hey, different toothpastes do different things!

6. I have been married for 7 years.

7. I will be 30 this year (I’m now 32). Really! I think this means that I can’t wear my hair in funny, scrunched up pigtails anymore, huh? I had a friend who treated turning 30 like it’s the end of the world for me. Ahem…she is close to 40…(hey, 35 is closer to 40 than it is to 18!).

8. We just bought our first home in January of 2007. We LOVE it. It’s very fun to paint and decorate any where in the house any way we choose.

9. When I’m all alone and just doing stuff on the computer, I really like to chew my gum loudly. LIKE A COW. I chomp and chaw and smack and pop bubbles loudly and just make a disgusting pig of myself. I think this is because as a child I was not aloud to chew gum (or anything else for that matter) with my mouth open. My dad would even make my friends spit out their gum if they chewed it loud! Though at the time I was embarrased, I’m glad for the lesson, cuz, I mean, chewing with your mouth open and popping bubbles and all that stuff, totally rude! So, thanks Dad.

10. I don’t think there is any possible way that I can tell you 100 interesting things about myself and not

11. I LOVE to give talks in church. Many have found this to be a very odd quality. It wouldn’t be the first one.

12. When I am stressed or am having a bad day, I love to just sit at the table and color. Doesn’t matter what book it is and I don’t like to color with crayons, but with colored pencils and a sharpener handy to keep the points up.

13. I could NEVER beat my brother at ANYTHING while we were growing up. He has always whooped my booty at sports, school, and just about anything else.

14. I like to iron!! Just put a good chick flick on and I’ll iron all afternoon long!

15. I have two younger brothers; Richard is 28 and lives in Portland, Oregon, and Michael is 22 and lives in Tucson, AZ.

16. I wear flip-flops all year ’round. In December, I wear the fuzzy Oregon Duck flip flops that my little bro sent me, but they are still flip flops!

17. Hi, my name is Sarah and I’m a Dr. Pepper-aholic. I count down the minutes until 10 a.m. every morning.

18. I’m trying to convince my husband that the color pink is a trendy and cool color. It’s not working. I hope we get pregnant with a girl.

19. Um…now I’m 32

20. I showed pigs in 4-H as a child. I was the first girl to do that where we lived.

21. I don’t like the dark.

22. I own a gun.

23. I’ve owned lots of guns in my life. Including a mini-14. It was cool.

24. I’ve been married before.

25. Since I’ve been married to my current husband, I have (un-intentionally) ruined EVERY  Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, or other holiday surprise by guessing what my gift is going to be. If it’s not tangable, I only need 3 clues and it’s OVER!! I have yet to be surprised….

26. I like women’s gymnastics.

27. I had an ectopic pregnancy that near took my life.

28. I have a disease. It’s rare and rather scary…it’s called Animalitis. I just can’t get enough. Especially when I get baby hungry…you can tell that I’m specifically yearning for something to nurture when the animal count is up past 4…right now we are at 5. Better get crackin’!

29. I don’t feel pretty if my toes aren’t painted. I like to have a pedicure every 6 weeks cuz otherwise, I feel frumpy!

30. I have my degree in Early Childhood Education and I don’t do a thing with it except experiment on my son.

31. I used to work at Ace Hardware in the garden shop and I LOVED it.

32. I stared out my college career (and my new life without my ex-husband) by working at Burger King. It was really, really tough and I would recommend that all young people work at least one month in fast food so you can empathize a little with the people behind the counter.

33. I discovered that the managers who worked at BK were skimming money every night from the drive through register.

34. My dad is the postmaster of his little post office where my folks live.

35. My mom bought, decorated, furnished and runs a candy store (the cutest candy store EVER) just down the street from my dad’s post office.

36. When I left my first husband, I lived in a 5th-wheel camping trailer for 3 years while working and going to school.

37. Some of my super fun classes that I took to fill in the gaps of my academic classes were pottery, marching band, and choir.

38. I love, Love, LOVED playing in the marching band.

39. I played cymbals first, then the little bass drum, then the bigger bass drum.

40. I “moved up” in the fast food world and got a job at Golden Corral.

41. I am incredibly long winded. I mean, LOOK at all that wrote up there! SHEESH!

42. I LOVE the smell of rain.

43. I’ve never lived in any other state than Arizona.

44. My very favorite band is Sister Hazel. They are from Florida but I got to see them once when they were on tour and on their way to Tucson. It was one of the most incredible concerts I have EVER been to, and I’ve been to lots!

45. I have been married for nearly 8 years.

46. I have a son with orange hair and glasses.

47. I am pregnant and having another boy.

48. I’m glad I’m having a boy and not a girl.

49. I just edited the first 45 things about me because they were freakin’ long!

50. I have been knock-me-out-I-don’t-remember-what-the-heck-went-on-last-night drunk before.

51. I used to smoke. Camel lights.

52. I used to drink alchohol. A LOT of alchohol. ANY alchohol.

53. I haven’t had a drink for 8 1/2 years and not smoked for 8.

54. I hate the smell of smoke and I will puke if stuck in a confined space with it.

55. I have relatives who I won’t miss when they die.

56. I have suffered from depression in the past.

57. I think it’s rude when other people say, “Oh, isn’t my kid soooo cute?” because usually, if I were to be honest, I would have to answer, “Uh, not so much”.

58. It’s very hard for me not to elaborate on my list of things. Keeping it simple just isn’t my style!

59. I really want chickens and a donkey in my backyard (I now have chickens, but the husband won’t budge on the donkeys).

60. We have two parakeets because I can’t say no to cute animals.

61. I really like almost all the songs by Regina Specktor. Gila Man can’t stand her (or Deirdre Flint).

62. I hate it when my husband knows more about something than I do.

63. I very rarely stop to think about what I’m saying if I see someone doing something stupid or doing something that could cause harm to themselves or those around them.

64. I used to work the graveyard shift at at the Quality Inn and Days Inn and I LOVED it!

65. I have always, always, owned animals. I remember mashing my face up against the back sliding glass door and seeing what I thought at the time was yellow ground – it was really a back yard FULL of little chicks my dad got a “deal” on from the feed store.

66. As a child, I helped butcher chickens, rabbits, turkeys, pigs, goats, and a steer. We raised our own meat and had a HUGE garden we ate out of. I remember our neighbors thought we were monsters.

67. I just realized that numbers 65 & 66 don’t play well together. Hmm.

68. I let my son run around the backyard in his underwear.

69. We moved often as a kid, so I don’t have any childhood friends who I am still in touch with.

70. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 17.

71. My dad made me learn how to change the tires and change the oil on every vehicle we owned before I could buy my own car. At the time, my parents owned a huge, ginormous green 4-door Chevy truck, a Honda Civic, and a light blue VW bug. I got a little Nissan pickup and had to change the oil, check the fluids and change the tires on it before I could get my license.

72. I hated, really HATED high school until my senior year. I am embarrased to even look at my yearbook, that’s how much I resent what I did and who I was back then.

73. My first kiss was to a guy named Kermit during my freshman year (his real name was worse).

74. My favorite thing ever during high school was acting – I still think it’s so fun to do silly things in front of people.

75. I don’t like ugly feet. I try not to judge, but if you have ugly feet, there are cute tennis you can wear!!

76. I am glad that I can carry a tune in a bucket because I love to sing.

77. I have NO talents to speak of. Really.

78. I am a girl and I love shopping for shoes. Cute shoes look good no matter how much weight I gain.

79. I just got another crappy haircut and I hate it.

80. I got my eyebrows waxed and am allergic to the wax they used – all above my eyes broke out with little pimples, a LOT of them!

81. I love pasta. It’s my most favorite food.

82. Though I think Facebook makes it easy to catch up with people from our past, it also seems to make it a little too easy to see what’s going on with people without actually making any contact. It’s a love/hate thing for me.

83. I am a MAC/PC. Yes it’s possible. I love the speed of my Mac book, but I love the ease of my pc!!

84. I don’t like to use the word “hate” – it loses some of it’s effectiveness.

85. But I hate liars

86. I love to take pictures.

87. I had an amazing, rip-roaring relationship that I look back on and smile about.

88. I cannot bake. Seriously. Can’t.Be.Done.

89. I don’t like the whole “LOL” thing…are you really “Laughing Out Loud”?

90. There are some things about me that I would like to share but am afraid of being judged or of someone from my past reading it and freaking out.

91. My parents live just down the road from my ex-in laws.

92. I want to move some where else while my boys are young.

93. I know without a doubt that our little family of four is NOT complete.

94. I don’t like chocolate. It’s weird and burns my throat.

95. I wish I could draw. I think it’s the most amazing talent!

96. When I talk to myself or am trying to make a silent decision in my head, I speak to myself with an English accent.

97. I wish I was rich, like, all the time.

98. I LOVE to cook for people.

99. I stopped drinking Dr. Pepper. It’s so sad.

100. I reached ONE HUNDRED!!! So glad I could find a few things to share!


13 thoughts on “More About Me!

  1. Yeah . . . didn’t think ye had no “100” of these all saved up, ready to type!
    Save ye some money! Buy yer toothbrushes in cases of 8! Well, there’s really only 3 in a case but, still . .. . . .

  2. Okay, this is hysterical, and I will probably copy you sometime when I have nothing better to do, fyi. #57 is particularly funny, because that is totally my #1 impulse, too. I think we could be really good friends if we lived closer together, even though I am closer to 40 than you. (I’ll be 35 in January–ick.)

  3. Fun to read! Here’s a few more for ya….

    87. My dad is a postmaster

    88. I once played cymbals and the bass drum in a marching band.

    89. I lived in an RV while going to college.

  4. This was a blast to read! I feel oh-so-much closer to you ;). I should do this about myself on my blog someday. Just need the time (and cojones) to start it)…

  5. That was very fun to read! Danita told me about it and I started a list, but my list is soooo boring! Going to have to spruce it up a bit. haha!

    You may not remember me, but maybe you do, I met you at Cochise Days in May when my hubby and I came down to surprise Danita.

  6. You are so nice! It took me months to write that list, and I probably “edited” it a dozen times or more. Thanks so much and I DO remember meeting you – you were under the canopy next to my mom’s store, right?

  7. Yes, we were sitting there late in the evening having nachos and fudge and more fudge. LOL My husband was the one with one arm, he’s kind of hard to forget. We’re hoping to come down for Rex Allen Days in October too, as long as I can get off work for one day to slip away! 🙂

  8. You do have at least one friend from childhood who seems to keep finding you…ME! I have managed to hang on to you for 27 yrs now, guess I am kinda like a cling on…hehehe

  9. My beloved grandaughter, the joy s u have given to me are much more than one hundred, I love u forever and ever. Grammie Regnier

  10. Loving u has been the joy of my life, the PERFECT grandaughter in every way. Iwill love u forever and ever. Grammie Regnier

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