I was going to say that this is my baby, but he is getting sooo big soooooooooo fast that I’ve been calling him my Little Man in the past two weeks. This two-year-old boy is such a mellow, sweet, sensitive little guy that I just can’t help but snuggle his sweet body every chance I get, though he is quickly growing out of “snuggle-ness”.

Binky King

He is quick to let us know what he wants now, though it’s really tough to understand him. He just started putting two words together like, “soup hot”, “puppy yick (lick)” , and “me out”. He is a snacker, completely different from Mr. B who is an EATER. Little Olli will walk around the house with an apple in his hand for most of the afternoon and take a bite out of it every hour or so. :o)

Kiddo with a Truck

If I hadn’t given birth to both my boys, I wouldn’t have believed they were related; that’s how different they are!

The Ollie Gater

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