Mr. Bentley

Where to start with this kiddo? He is a fun-loving spirited six-year-old who loves leaning, playing in the dirt and being outside. He is a sweet older brother (most of the time) and a super duper helper around the house. We’ve started another adventure with homeschooling this year, and we (surprisingly) LOVE it!

Thumbs Up

My kid loves to learn about space; planets, stars, moons, and comets hold a vast series of questions for us and anyone who happens to stand still long enough to be peppered by them.

Wow! A moment of nice-ness!

This kid was signing before he turned one, talking in full sentences by the time he was two, singing songs like crazy before he turned thee….and he hasn’t stopped talking since! We’ve got plenty of quotes from this kid that keep us smiling day after day, so sit back and enjoy a chuckle or two on his account.

Boys hangin' out


Me and my big boy

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