So Oli and Gila Man ran some errands the other day and parked in a pretty crowded parking lot.

Looking over as he got himself and Oli out of the truck, Gila-man said,

“Hey look! That’s a special parking space, who do you think can park there?”

“I don’t know.” replied Oli.

“Look up and see who you think can park in that spot.”

Moto Parking

“Umm…MOTORCYCLES!!” he yelled.

“Yep.” said Gila Man, “Only motos can park there.”

“Yeah, and only gooses can park in dat space.”


“Yup. Fwying gooses. With gwoceries.”




With gwoceries.

Teeny carrot, but sooo yummy!

I think it’s more like GOOFY!

THAT Kind of Day

Making a full pot of (the most delicious) ham and potato soup, putting it in a gallon ziplock on the counter, only to have it be pulled off by the baby and eaten by the dogs,

Going upstairs to find that while I was cleaning up the soup, the baby emptied most of my toothpaste onto my toothbrush in the sink while rubbing my deodorant on the walls,

Finding a FLOOD on the kitchen floor from the “accidental” positioning of the cup under the water dispenser,

Seeing the two youngest boys crunching up carrots with needle-nosed pliers on the carpet that I just vacuumed,

Burns on my arm from the spaghetti sauce i tried to cook in time for my husband to make it to the carpool,

Bikes, trikes and scooters in the house,

No nap for the baby,

Only ONE Dr. Pepper today,

Was ALLLLLLL made good by the super-awesome-and-totally-amazing book finds tonight at the thrift store.

Where I went.
In my pajamas.
And monkey slippers.
With my two youngest boys.
Also in their jammies.
(killing time during boy scouts)
Because it was THAT kind of day.

And as I curl up with one of my TREASURES, I’ll call it a good one.

Attitude Of Gratitude

When babies are born, it’s a happy time.

A scary time, a stressful time, and sometimes a panicked time.

But still a joyous, happy time.

I feel bad sometimes that I maybe took the joy out of the joyous time when a baby was born.

Three years ago.

But I was in the hospital, knowing that I had a killer tumor growing inside me (soft tissue sarcoma).

Wondering about the words chemotherapy, pancreatic cancer, hair loss, kidneys, survival rates, wills, and life insurance.

I had to go under the knife again for the second time in 2 weeks.

I had to stop taking pain meds for the first surgery so I wouldn’t bleed out during my second surgery.

I couldn’t pick up my baby (at the time).

My husband and I couldn’t have a normal conversation because he could NOT let himself think of anything that had to do with me and surgery and chemo and kidneys and survival rates and widows and single fathers.

It was just too much.

I was surrounded by love.

And friends. [AMAZING friends. friends who i will know and love respect and appreciate forever.]

And hope.

And prayers. (seriously. lots and lots and lots of prayers. and blessings)

I had family and friends at the hospital when they wheeled me in because a life could end, and regret is horrible and can eat you up.

I made it.

I endured the most awful and horrible and all-consuming pain I had ever imagined I could deal with (think: a bazillion tiny nerve endings cut in 5 seconds in order to save me from bleeding out).

I was NOT brave about it [because when i came to after the anesthesia i asked the nurses to please put me into a coma or something so i wouldn’t have to deal with the pain, but they just told me to stop crying and i would feel ok soon]

And three years later, I am here.

With my family.

With my farm.

With my boys.

I am grateful.

And I am happy.

And I am joyous.

My life is not perfect.

I am not perfect.

But I am here.

And I am thankful.




Hide And Seek

So I know that most of my close friends and family know that I hurt my back a couple of weeks ago, but I am now going to come out and say that it was bad.

Like…..I couldn’t walk for a few days bad.

And you know how it goes when The Runner Of The Household gets sick/has a tumor/falls out of a freakin’ tree/has the flu/whatever may ail a human being happens.

Things get outa control.

Some chores don’t get done.

Kids watch a lot of movies.

And my some people kids eat junk food in the bedroom! *fyi – HUGE no-no in our home*

So when I fell outa the freakin’ tree and pushed through it and didn’t stretch but went outside to do chores then sat on a teeny stool to milk an injured goat who got startled by my dogs and butted me from behind,

I threw my back out.

And one by one, the chores piled up.

‘Till one day….my sofa looked like this:

And so the other boy hid tooooo!

Find the Eye!

And I didn’t even care.

Kind of.

While I was laid up watching documentaries, the boys played hide and seek.

While I was laid up watching documentaries, the boys played hide and seek.

Hey, take advantage of the situation, my boys. It doesn’t come around all that often!! (because I’m not gonna let it! unless, of course, i get attacked by another freakin’ tree while trying to save my baby from falling off a ladder! i mean, at least it’s a good story, right?)

National Smile Week, Day 5


We love getting goodies out of our garden, especially when its been neglected for a week or so and we come into the house with GIGANTOR cucumbers!!

These things make us smile.

The reason you can’t see the baby is because he is under the table eating the rest of the strawberries we picked.

Little stinker.

At least he was smiling while he was doing it, ha!

HA-HUGE Cucumber!

HA-HUGE Cucumber!



Teeny carrot, but sooo yummy!

Teeny carrot, but sooo yummy!



National Smile Week, Day 4


Teal, though trendy, makes me smile.

I’m so glad it’s fashionable to wear it.

Kinda like how I LOVED yellow when it was all in fashion in the 90’s.

I’m still on that yellow fashion kick, just waitin’ for it to come back ’round again.



I love teal now, like this teal bow Mr. B wore for his tap recital:

Vest on backward, his light-up hat isn't lit, and his pants are twisted sideways. But he had a BLAST up there!

Vest on backward, his light-up hat isn’t lit, and his pants are twisted sideways. But he had a BLAST up there!

And teal like when people call my baby boy a girl (seriously. in this outfit. with his hair like this. no joke):

See the spiked hair? And the SHARK on the shirt?? Sheesh.

See the spiked hair? And the SHARK on the shirt?? Sheesh.

That’s all I have. I’m working from my new (woot!) computer so I don’t have our family photos or any others with us in teal.  Just know I love it. And it makes me smile.

And smiling mommas are easy to schmooze.

National Smile Week Day 3

CRAFTS!!! Crafts make us smile!

Especially ones we do for church (because serving the Lord is not just a Sunday deal).

We made “Pick Sticks” for primary singing time on Sunday.

See, I’m the new primary chorister and we have a pretty big primary program coming up in October where the kids get to share everything they’ve learned all year with the rest of the congregation.

I usually lead the music for 20-25 minutes and choose the next “helper” to participate in an activity by how well that child sings.

Last Sunday, however, EVERY child sang well. Even the big kids who are “too cool” for primary were singing!! I had to ask the teachers to choose from their own classes because there was NO WAY that I could choose one of those sweet kiddos from the group!

I saw this idea on Pinterest (which is cool, but not as amazing as I’ve heard) that had “choosing sticks” with the names of the children written on them so that every child gets a chance to participate in our amazing activities, and we made it today!

It was simple and cute and both my boys were able to help with it, PLUS I get to use it this Sunday…bonus!!

I’m calling them pick sticks because it just sounds better that choosing sticks. And as long as the kids don’t use them to pick their noses, I think we’re all safe, ha!!

My lefty

My lefty

We painted one end red and the other side green so when I call one name I turn it to red until all the others are called!

We painted one end red and the other side green so when I call one name I turn it to red until all the others are called!

Yay! I get to paint!

Yay! I get to paint!

Dollar Tree score!

Dollar Tree score!

Red Ends

Red Ends


After we did the sticks, they got to mix their colors!

After we did the sticks, they got to mix their colors!

(and they are totally out of order and one doesn’t have a caption and two are still uploading because my internet is the slowest in all of arizona. sorry ’bout that)


National Smile Week, Day 2

So, it’s no secret that we love to smile. I mean, who doesn’t? But there are LOTS of things that bring a grin to our faces, so as I was reading to the boys last night before bed, I realized that books are one of the things that make us smile a ton. Them AND the time we get to snuggle, giggle, and share the sofa or bed with for a few minutes. :)

Our favorites change dramatically and quite often vary day by day, except for Olli Bueno (4), The Best Nest by P.D. Eastman has been his favorite for so long that he has it (and the name of the author) memorized by heart! But since he couldn’t just choose one, he “dust picked his favowits today”, which included Llama Llama Misses Mama (which is pronounced “wama wama misses momma” and is super duper cute!).


This is his most favorite book right now!

This is his most favorite book right now!




Oh, don't bug this boy while he looks at that blue horse!

Oh, don’t bug this boy while he looks at that blue horse!




Sharwing dere books!

Sharwing dere books!




There's a monster look on his face!

There’s a monster look on his face!




He seriously cannot choose ONE favorite book!

He seriously cannot choose ONE favorite book!




Too cool for a smile, so a grin will have to do. Plus, these books are HARD to read!

Too cool for a smile, so a grin will have to do. Sidenote: these books are HARD to read!


Ok, so let me know; what are some of YOUR (or your kiddos) favorite books??? I need some fresh ideas! (but um…don’t tell my husband!)

Smile Week!!

Sure, everyone has tough times. We all have worries, stresses, problems, struggles, trials and challenges.




I get that. (what the what? i totally have challenges!)

But personally, I think that a lot of what we learn from those challenges stems from the reaction to and the way we deal with all those frustrating happenings.

So along comes National Smile Week (seriously). A week of smiles? What a nice change from the ordinary! (i’m kidding here! i’m kidding!)

In the spirit of NSW, I asked my boys what made them smile, and their answers are below:

This was a super exciting find this afternoon in the quail cage!

This was a super exciting find this afternoon in the quail cage! (that is a normal sized chicken egg next to them for comparison. mr. b just about flipped with the cute-ness of these teeny things!)



Big Grin for the quail egg!

Big Grin for the quail egg!



"Eating guava yogurt with chopsticks". Can't get much more original than that!

“Eating guava yogurt wif chopsticks”. Can’t get much more original than that!



Seriously? This makes him smile?

Seriously? This makes him smile?





Oh yeah...every time!!!

Oh yeah…every time!!!


p.s. we will be posting things that make us smile every day for the next week. what makes YOU smile? share it and see if it brings out a grin for us tooooo!


My youngest boy is my little buddy and is constantly found following me around EVERYWHERE and “helping” me out.

And, uh, the definition of “following me around” is like this:

  • following me into the kitchen (and climbing into the dishwasher as i try to load dirty dishes into it)
  • following me into the bathroom (and emptying EVERY drawer and systematically taking apart EVERY tiny thing that is in each drawer)
  • following me out in the yard to do chores (then picking up chicken poop and bringing it to me while yelling “pooooo!”)
  • following me out to the goat pen (and sitting on my lap while i milk, squirting some into his cute little mouth every time he signs “milk”)
  • following me from room to room crying and holding his Precious (his most favorite blanket that we dare not touch) until i drop what i’m doing and pick him up and hold him
  • running from me and disappearing under the clothes rack of every store i dare let him out of the cart in.

And sometimes, this drives me crazy!

But today, while I was trying to do my hair, my youngest boy, my BABY, tried to run around my left leg and between my legs around and around and around like he loves to do every time I try to do something with this scraggly hair atop of my head.

And he couldn’t.

He was too tall.

I looked down at him, and he looked up at me, and he grinned.

Then he ran out the bathroom door, into my bedroom, and off into the living room to play with his brothers.

I looked down at my empty bathroom, my free leg; I felt the quiet and peace in the small space as I hurriedly braided my hair.

And I was sad.

There is a time and season to every aspect of life, good, annoying, or bad. And I realized that as annoying as that leg-spinning-around-phase was, and as great as the i’m-gonna-go-knock-down-the-awesome-tower-my-brothers-just-built phase, the little happy moments of THAT phase are gone.

And I didn’t get to enjoy as many of them as I should have.

So tomorrow when this little one pulls one of his MANY shenanigans, I’m going to take it in, love it (as much as i can) and I”m going to treasure it. I might even take a picture or two. Because if these moments are passing by this fast now, how blurry will they be in a year? or five? or ten?

So I’ll stop, take it, and treasure it.

At least until he picks up more chicken poop.

Mitt Collage